The company is located in the rural town of Toro Pujio, department of San Justo in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina. The company's factory is located inside the town and is registered under the name of Lácteos Toro Pujio.
It should be noted that it is the only factory in the town and 40 kilometers around, so it is projected as an important source of employment for the residents of the region, being the first to be dedicated to the manufacture of "delicatessen" cheeses.

The factory meets all the necessary requirements, in terms of manufacturing space, with cold rooms with temperature and humidity control, to achieve the excellent quality of the products.
Likewise, with a 100% handmade process control, from the reception of the ingredients, the manipulation of the same, and the exahutive follow-up, Toro Azul is a model factory in the country in the elaboration of different types of blue cheeses.



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